Better Storytelling Means More Value

Vier Paar Schuhe

Companies can look insincere in lots of ways, but two pitfalls are particularly common in CSR communications. The biggest no-go is greenwashing – the purposeful misrepresentation of a company’s activities, painting them in an unduly green hue. This impulse comes from either dishonesty or trying to wed the sometimes-dull side of CSR with the glossy world of corporate advertising. more

(end of) Winter Update


Spring officially starts tomorrow, but the snow continues to fall on Berlin. It has been a long winter, but we have made the most of it by doing some good work in the office. Here some highlights of the past three months. To start the year, we launched two online platforms for the Danish Institute for Human Rights. They both form part of an ambitious anti-discrimination campaign for schools in ten European countries. We created portals for both teachers and students. more

Using the power of games to engage people on sustainability


Games and gamification offer a new strategy to engage with existing and potential customers or with employees by giving them a satisfying interactive experience around relevant sustainability content. This innovative and rewarding experience can create a powerful bond between stakeholder and company. The benefits to companies range from brand awareness and brand loyalty to employee satisfaction and retention. more

LGMi launches the Open Innovation Slam


LGMi is proud to announce the launch of the Open Innovation Slam, a crowdsourcing platform for innovative ideas to fight climate change. The competition encourages the submission and community voting of concepts to reduce waste of energy in households, with the winning idea receiving up to 95,000 euros in the form of a grant. The project was realized on behalf of Climate-KIC and Technische Universität Berlin. more

The human faces of government studies


The Canadian NFB is breaking new ground yet again - this time with an interactive web documentary about homelessness called Here At Home launched last week.

The evolving documentary will track an ongoing government study about whether providing shelter and one-on-one care to over 1,200 homeless people with mental illnesses will change their situation. In other words, does the "Housing First" strategy work as a social policy? more