Let’s get creative with CSR communications

World of 7 Billion

The SMI – Wizness Social Media Sustainability Index was recently published. The report emphasizes the efforts that many companies have undertaken over the past year in terms of using social media for sustainability communications.

This report's findings are interesting to us for several reasons.

First, they show what we have known for some time: that social media has a strong role to play in the CSR field. Companies involved in CSR have lagged behind other corporations in their adoption of social media, but as executives and managers develop a better understanding of the medium, it has become clear that proper use of social media can lead to meaningful stakeholder engagement. more

#tweetscapes and Real-time Infographics


Now there's another way to see (and hear) what's trending in the German-speaking Twitter universe. It's called #tweetscapes, and it's a preview of yet another coming trend – real-time infographics.

Here, the audiovisual representation of tweets on a map of Germany is based on a number of factors: the content of tweets, hashtags, sender location, number of followers, and whether it is a retweet, reply, or otherwise.

#tweetscapes is not the first artistic Twitter mashup, but it's the most immersive I've seen so far – and the darkest. more

The soulful side of data

Good Magazine's Data Issue

I was recently browsing a California newsstand when I noticed that Good magazine just published a "data issue." I grabbed it, and boarded a 747 back to Europe, anticipating a few hours of geeking out on their consistently great infographics.

But this time Good spun it all around; the issue is all about qualifying data. Instead of the colorful maps and charts I expected, the pages were mostly full of stories that explore and second-guess our culture of statistics, tracking, and ranking – "our collective obsession with data." more

Beautiful data: Is it worth it?


Is spending the time and money to produce a beautiful infographic really worth it?

This isn't a philosophical question; it is a very practical one for companies and NGOs: "Should I just pay a graphic designer to layout a PDF document, or should I invest in something more than that?"

Clearly, there are great infographics being made out there in print and online - highly artistic and innovative ways of presenting data.

Obviously, we think it's worth investing more. That's our business, so we would be silly not to think that, right? Luckily, we're not the only ones.