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Websites are still the most important digital communication tool. Whether you are a company that wants to showcase a sustainability effort, a start-up that wants to gain visibility, or an NGO that wants to attract supporters and increase fundraising, the first step is a well-designed (interaction and visual) and usable website built on a solid technical foundation. Your brand and reputation depend on it.

Here are some of the websites we have produced:

  • Carbon Disclosure Project


    LGMi developed Klimaranking.de and Klimareporting.de for CDP. These are online tools and resources to help German companies report their CO2 emissions, and to check their performance along various sustainability criteria.

  • Human Rights and Business Country Portal

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    Client: The Danish Institute for Human Rights

    The Danish Institute for Human Rights has tapped LGMi to help develop a new website showcasing the organization’s research on human rights conditions in countries around the world. We are providing concept, design and front-end functionality, and will custom-build an intuitive back-end content management system (CMS).

  • Technische Universität Berlin

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    In cooperation with Climate-KIC & TU, we launched a crowdsourced online competition and a mentor-driven offline accelerator around energy efficiency. We provided web design and programming (with an Open-Source CMS) for the Open Innovation Slam.

  • WeSustain

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    WeSustain is the leading sustainability enterprise software in Germany. LGMi helped them revitalize their online presence.

  • It Takes All Kinds – Teachers Platform


    Client: The Danish Institute for Human Rights

    This web platform is part of the Danish Institute for Human Rights’ ambitious campaign to better integrate anti-discrimination and equal treatment topics into schools in ten European countries. LGMi built 3 web platforms, including this one for Teachers across Europe to easily find lesson plans and ideas and to exchange best practices on various human rights topics.



    Client: GIZ / Allianz Re

    LGMi designed and developed the website for RIICE, a project aimed at using satellite technology to monitor rice growth in Asia. The project was spearheaded by GIZ, Allianz Re, and three other partners.

  • Energie Kompetenz Zentrum


    In partnership with Friendship Berlin, LGMi created a new website (design and programming) and exhibition screens for this center that offers school tours, events, workshops, lectures and interactive exhibits on subjects such as energy efficiency, green construction and e-mobility.

  • It Takes All Kinds – Student Platform


    Client: The Danish Institute for Human Rights

    The Danish Institute for Human Rights tapped LGMi to handle the whole online side of their ambitious campaign to better integrate anti-discrimination and equal treatment topics into schools in ten European countries. This website provides a playful interactive world for students with games, quizzes and useful tips and advice.

  • Open Innovation Slam


    Clients: Climate-KIC and Technische Universität Berlin

    A crowdsourcing platform for innovative ideas to fight climate change. The competition encourages the submission and community voting of concepts to reduce waste of energy in households, with the winning idea receiving up to 95,000 euros in the form of a grant. We provided web and print design services, as well as programming of the front-end and of an open-source CMS. The community features were provided by crisscrossed.

  • Better Cotton Initiative


    Client: Better Cotton Initiative

    Design, front-end and CMS programming for this initiative that aims to make the production of cotton more economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable.

  • World of 7 Billion


    Client: Allianz

    LGMi developed this app for Allianz on the eve of a milestone: the expected birth of the 7 billionth person on Earth. “World of 7 Billion” begins with a 3D globe showing estimated births in real-time and a running population clock. Users can then choose which of twelve countries they think the 7 billionth person will be born, and see their chances of being right.

  • Ecosummit


    Client: Mobile Economy

    LGMi provided design and front-end programming services for this Smart Green Economy platform. Ecosummit also provides consulting services to the cleantech and smart green business industries and LGMi is Ecosummit’s preferred partner for digital solutions.

  • It Takes All Kinds – NGO Platform


    Client: The Danish Institute for Human Rights

    This campaign website allows NGOs in ten European countries to collaborate and share best practices regarding educational tools and materials for fighting discrimination in European schools. LGMi provided concept, branding, design, front-end and back-end programming (including a content management system) for this very exciting project.

  • WeGreen


    Client: WeGreen

    LGMi began its collaboration with WeGreen in 2009 when the start-up was in its infancy. The concept of Radical Transparency is one that we firmly believe in, and we hope that this platform can help consumers make better purchasing decisions that can, in turn, influence companies to become more responsible. We provide WeGreen with consulting and design (including logo and branding development) services.

  • New Patrons


    Client: Fondation de France

    Supported by the Fondation de France and other European art institutions and museums, New Patrons strives to bring art to communities across Europe. LGMi designed the project website that allows artists and communities to come together.

  • Dropping Knowledge


    Client: Dropping Knowledge

    Can change start with a question? In a unprecedented campaign, dropping knowledge collected over 100,000 questions from around the world on issues relating to social and environmental change. 112 luminaries were brought from around the world to Berlin to answer 100 of them. The result was 11,200 answers and over 700 hours of video answers, all of which were made freely available online just hours after the event and spread via social media.

  • Allocate


    Client: Allocate

    Design and front-end services (including CMS) for an international management & executive search consultancy that wants to start putting sustainability at its core.