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Games and apps are an increasingly popular way to engage with various stakeholders. But are they the right digital tool for your organization? What is the most appropriate way to enhance your relationship with existing stakeholders and to reach out to new target groups in the digital space? Before creating immersive experiences, we work with our clients to define the right digital strategy for them. Our consulting services are either rolled into the development of an agreed project or can also be provided as stand-alone strategy workshops.

Here are some of the projects we have consulted on:

  • BildungsCent e.V.

    Picture 6

    BildungsCent asked LGMi for help with a new positioning and with the development of a donation strategy and campaign.

  • Bauminvest


    Client: Querdenker GmbH
    LGMi provided digital strategy and online marketing consulting services to help Bauminvest and its parent company Querdenker GmbH focus its online portfolio in a way that maximizes return and value for both the company and its customers.
  • It Takes All Kinds

    ITAK Video

    Client: The Danish Institute for Human Rights

    The DIHR tapped LGMi to handle the whole online side of their ambitious campaign to better integrate anti-discrimination and equal treatment topics into schools in ten European countries. In addition to digital strategy, we created three web-based platforms with many games, quizzes, interactive features, and a project video with animated illustrations.
  • Allianz Knowledge


    Client: Allianz

    LGMi has produced dozens of infographics, videos, and audio slideshows for the Allianz Knowledge website. These graphics and videos add depth and reach to the site’s coverage of climate change, energy, microfinance, and demographic change. Our videos include original reporting, expert interviews with leading scientists and policymakers, and animated visualizations.
  • Wechsewelle


    Client: Wechsewelle

    Wechselwelle (“wave of change”) is a non-profit campaign for renewable energy. It relies exclusively on the power of social media to incite customers to change their energy provider. This successful campaign set a benchmark in Germany for social media and marketing campaigns in the energy sector.
  • Ecosummit


    Client: Mobile Economy

    LGMi provided design and front-end programming services for this Smart Green Economy platform. Ecosummit also provides consulting services to the cleantech and smart green business industries and LGMi is Ecosummit’s preferred partner for digital solutions.
  • WeGreen


    Client: WeGreen

    LGMi began its collaboration with WeGreen in 2009 when the start-up was in its infancy. The concept of Radical Transparency is one that we firmly believe in, and we hope that this platform can help consumers make better purchasing decisions that can, in turn, influence companies to become more responsible. We provide WeGreen with consulting and design (including logo and branding development) services.
  • Snowmen Against Climate Change


    Client: Mindpirates / Entega

    This playful Facebook app was part of an awareness campaign against global warming and was created for an agency working on behalf of Entega, a German energy provider. Using Google Maps as a supporting layer, the application lets users create virtual, 3D snowmen, and share them with their friends via email and on Facebook. We created the app and were involved in some of the overall digital strategy of the campaign.
  • 100% Erneuerbar


    Client: 100% Erneuerbar

    Consulting services for this foundation involved in bringing renewable energy to the masses in Germany.
  • Dropping Knowledge


    Client: Dropping Knowledge

    Can change start with a question? In a unprecedented campaign, dropping knowledge collected over 100,000 questions from around the world on issues relating to social and environmental change. 112 luminaries were brought from around the world to Berlin to answer 100 of them. The result was 11,200 answers and over 700 hours of video answers, all of which were made freely available online just hours after the event and spread via social media.