Infographics & Video

Don’t just tell me; show me. Nothing adds value, context, and understanding like a great infographic or engaging video. Both have become indispensable ways to tell stories and generate wide interest in an age where a PDF alone just won’t do anymore. LGMi has produced dozens of videos, audio slideshows, animations, and interactive infographics on sustainability topics as diverse as deforestation in Borneo, financial services in Uttar Pradesh, and the many possible futures we face due to climate change. Have a look!

Here are some of the infographics and videos we have produced:

Allianz Knowledge

LGMi has produced dozens of infographics, videos, and audio slideshows for the Allianz Knowledge website. These graphics and videos add depth and reach to the site’s coverage of climate change, energy, microfinance, and demographic change. Our videos include original reporting, expert interviews with leading scientists and policymakers, and animated visualizations.
Allianz – Climate Tipping Points

Explore 12 climate tipping points in an interactive, 3D format. This Flash application illustrates the various climate “tipping points” and their possible impacts. Using a 3D model of the earth as the main interface and video, even non-specialists can understand the threats of a changing climate. LGMi did the design and development of the app, and produced most of the videos and infographics within.
CEO2 – The Climate Business Game

LGMi created an online browser game for WWF and Allianz that puts players in the role of a CEO in one of four major industries. Players must find the best strategies to reduce their CO2 emissions while increasing the long-term profitability of their company. CEO2 was designed to raise awareness about the need for businesses to balance concerns for profit and climate change, and the options available to them. LGMi developed the concept, design and functionality of the game, along with content – including text, infographics, audio clips, and videos.