It’s an exciting time be a game developer, especially for green and serious games. Our team has years of experience designing immersive and fun games for children, teenagers, and adults. Now we’ve begun to leverage that expertise to build games that not only teach people about complex global challenges, but can hopefully get them to collaborate to tackle them.

Here are some of the games we have developed:

CEO2 – The Climate Business Game

LGMi created an online browser game for WWF and Allianz that puts players in the role of a CEO in one of four major industries. Players must find the best strategies to reduce their CO2 emissions while increasing the long-term profitability of their company. CEO2 was designed to raise awareness about the need for businesses to balance concerns for profit and climate change, and the options available to them. LGMi developed the concept, design and functionality of the game, along with content – including text, infographics, audio clips, and videos.
Entega – Snowmen Against Climate Change

Using Google Maps as a supporting layer, the application lets users create virtual, 3D snowmen, and share them with their friends via email and on Facebook. Users can also send their favorite photos of snowmen to be uploaded on the platform. This playful Facebook app was part of an awareness campaign against global warming and was created for an agency working on behalf of Entega, a German energy provider.