Social Media is changing the very fabric of our society. Companies and organizations that ignore this new and powerful form of communication do so at their own peril. Social media is an ideal fit for stakeholder engagement, whether for companies involved in CSR or NGOs involved in awareness campaigns and fundraising. Our team and social media experts have many successful campaigns under their belt, and would be delighted to help make yours a winner.

Here are some of the campaigns we have worked on:


Wechselwelle (“wave of change”) is a non-profit campaign for renewable energy. It relies exclusively on the power of social media to incite customers to change their energy provider. This successful campaign set a benchmark in Germany for social media and marketing campaigns in the energy sector.
Allianz – World of 7 Billion

LGMi developed this app for Allianz on the eve of a milestone: the expected birth of the 7 billionth person on Earth. “World of 7 Billion” begins with a 3D globe showing estimated births in real-time and a running population clock. Users can then choose which of twelve countries they think the 7 billionth person will be born, and see their chances of being right.
Entega – Snowmen Against Climate Change

Using Google Maps as a supporting layer, the application lets users create virtual, 3D snowmen, and share them with their friends via email and on Facebook. Users can also send their favorite photos of snowmen to be uploaded on the platform. This playful Facebook app was part of an awareness campaign against global warming and was created for an agency working on behalf of Entega, a German energy provider.
Allianz – Climate Tipping Points

Explore 12 climate tipping points in an interactive, 3D format. This Flash application illustrates the various climate “tipping points” and their possible impacts. Using a 3D model of the earth as the main interface and video, even non-specialists can understand the threats of a changing climate. LGMi did the design and development of the app, and produced most of the videos and infographics within.
It Takes All Kinds

This campaign website allows NGOs in ten European countries to collaborate and share best practices regarding educational tools and materials for fighting discrimination in European schools. LGMi provided concept, branding, design, front-end and back-end programming (including a content management system) for this very exciting project.
Dropping Knowledge

Can change start with a question? In a unprecedented campaign, dropping knowledge collected over 100,000 questions from around the world on issues relating to social and environmental change. 112 luminaries were brought from around the world to Berlin to answer 100 of them. The result was 11,200 answers and over 700 hours of video answers, all of which were made freely available online just hours after the event and spread via social media.