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Our engagement

Unlike many agencies that add “green” to their portfolio as an afterthought, LGMi was founded solely for the purpose of working with companies and organizations committed to sustainability. Our vision is to add value to worthwhile green projects by making them more interactive and inspiring for different stakeholders.

At LGMi, we try to live by the same values that we support on the web. We have yet to issue our own sustainability report, but hope to do so soon. In the meantime, in the office and in our homes, we follow ethics of reasonable and moderate consumption, energy efficiency, recycling, carbon offsetting, and we try to strike a good balance between work and life. We either bike to work or take the subway, and we enjoy having our meetings in our nice office garden.

LGMi also supports various projects via our partner Reset For a Better World. At the moment, we support the following projects:



We care about sustainability.