Storytelling: “It’s not about the technology”

What’s one thing that most successful social entrepreneurs have in common? They’re good at telling their stories. If you want to grow your project, you’re going to have to tell your story well. This is how people will identify with and ultimately support your cause.

This was the gist of a “Story Telling for Impact” panel at last week’s Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship in Oxford. Four participants underlined why it’s so critical to tell your story effectively, and share some tips and recent examples from the print, radio, film/video, and online worlds.

There a few good insights from the panel, including Wendy Levy’s comment that “it’s not about the technology” – meaning that despite amplifying technology like social media, it’s still vital that stories are personal, authentic, and that the channels for sharing them are wisely chosen or designed.

“A good social story comes, in my mind, from lived experience. That’s the authenticity. And the telling of the story is strategically aligned with the platform on which it lives. That’s also important. So, you’re not just throwing something on a YouTube channel, and walking away. You have to think deeper.”

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